Pink Laptop Computer (for Girls), Pink Is The New Black


Pink Laptop Computer (for Girls), Pink Is The New Black

Super trendy- Pink laptop computer (for girls), is the trendiest thing around. The little lady in your life is given the chance to match her latest must-have technological accessory to her favourite pink outfit. Where on earth will you get a cuter fashion statement?

Popular brand offerings- Toshiba Portege A600 is compact, cute and soft pink. Priced at approximately US$ 1299.00. MSI Wind U100 has now updated it’s first netbook to now include a range of colours including your fav. Dell Latitude E4200is more of a business laptop than a girly pc. Sony introduced a stylish faux crocodile skin laptop in the Sony Vasio C series. The ideal investment at US$ 1024.00, if you have a little Miss. Hilton hiding under that frilly, mini dress. NEC Versa S1300 Pink Laptop is award winning and absolutely affordable at US$ 1110.00.

Manufacturers following the trends- Most computer companies cater for trends to ensure that the technology matches the latest fashion, whatever it may be. Apple and Dell are the leading manufacturers of pink laptop computer even for girls. It is highly recommended that you do an online search as the list of available laptops is so incredibly long. General and customisation enquires as well as orders are easy submitted.

Mac lovers- Great news for Apple Macintosh operating system users is that the manufacturer has also now jumped on the girly colour band wagon. Special customization shops offering computer re-painting is a consideration if you just want to pimp your current laptop.

Oooh that smells nice- Why not add scent to your fav colour? The Asus company recently launched a floral blossom notebook releasing a sweet and pleasant cherry blossom scent while in use.

Why pink? Why is pink such a popular colour choice, you may ask. Well that is easy as pie to answer. Show me any woman between ages 6 and 80 that does not love the colour and I will show you a non-existing one. Even men are coming to the pink party, investing in a laptop that matches those items hiding in the closet and to make them stand-out in the crowd. The colour is eye catching and just plain fun and definitely not gender isolated or related.

Shady lady- The shades of pink laptops and accessories are endless from baby to hot pink. Your choice will be highly dependant upon your personal shade preferences as well as your ability to keep lighter shades neat and clean as not just the outer shell is coloured but also the keyboard and monitor may match. An almost impossible task if you are a stick finger little girl. Impracticality is the only disadvantage to your purchase.

Accessories- If you are unable to get your pink laptop computer, beautiful skins, stickers and hard tops are available to transform your conventional black or silver version into a strawberry daiquiri, chop-chop. If you are lucky enough to get that pink laptop some fantastic accessories are available to pimp your pc out including mice, stands, cables and keyboards.

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