Benefits of digital television and TV tuners over analogue


Benefits of digital television and TV tuners over analogue

It is a well known fact that digital television has many advantages, including support of widescreen image, quality sound, compatible with standard Dolby Digital 5.1, and support for picture with higher resolution and detail, much higher than that of standard TV or DVD movies. The other big advantage is called multi channeling and it is the possibility of choosing specific video content in different channels or services of the type “video on demand”. Another important argument in favor of digital television is the fact that the signal is not susceptible to interference. Since the broadcasts are in digital format MPEG-2 (same as DVD content, although with a slightly different quality), the picture is always clear and clean. Moreover, the digital signal is distributed in the same frequency spectrum as analog FM, so it does not require any upgrade of the antennas. In other words, for the transition to digital TV content it is enough simply to install the appropriate receiver – either in the form of so-called box device, or as an expansion card for an ordinary PC.

For the home user both options are relatively affordable and available: some operators offer digital receivers for which the payment is a small addition to the monthly service fee for a specified period and tuner cards for PC are generally slightly cheaper than box devices and can be found practically everywhere, where computer components are offered. The advantage of PC tuners is however that they can easily exploit the capabilities of home computer not only to view but also to edit and record video content – something for what you will also need an appropriate DVD-recorder (which also costs money). Many people come to the decision to purchase a digital TV tuner for the simple reason that it offers a much larger range of functions compared with a cheap TV set. A further opportunity for some models is to adopt radio which makes them more attractive proposal. Digital TV tuners for PCs are known to computer enthusiasts for years, but with the relatively recent emergence of MPEG-2 tuners and operating system Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005, they seem to have started gaining value and a mass audience. Digital TV tuners are actually relatively simple hardware that includes three main components: a simple coaxial connector for an antenna tuner receiver for a wide frequency range and decoder.

TV signal is taken by the antenna passes through the tuner and then through the decoder. Finally, the card sends the received information to the MPEG-2 decoder. Usually even the most simple and cheap tuners for PC come with some software tools for recording and watching TV, so there is no need to make any further investments. Internal tuner cards require the PC to have a free PCI or PCI Express slot screwdriver and a little skill to install them, which is challenging even for experienced users. External digital TV tuners are the perfect choice for people that like to have a lot of functions for the best price.

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