Affordable Data Recovery Software for Corrupted Storage Devices


Affordable Data Recovery Software for Corrupted Storage Devices

Windows recovery software salvages digital files and folders from commonly used hard drives and other usb removable mass storage devices.
Whether you are a professional computer user or any general user, there is always a question in mind “Do I can get back all deleted or lost important data or information from digital storage media devices?” Luckily, the answer is “YES”. Comprehensive and highly advance data recovery program gets back inaccessible files and folders like animated images, memorable photographs, document lists, project files, favorite music, mp3 songs etc from all types of data storage devices.
Technically advanced disk recovery software salvages lost data or other official documents from hard disk standards (SCSI, ATA, SATA, IDE, EIDE, PATA) partitioned on NTFS or FAT file systems in few easy steps. Reliable and trustworthy file recovery software gets back important files and folders from all types of removable media drives (external HDD, mobile phones, digital cameras, usb drive, memory cards) etc.
Specifically developed data recovery tool restores multimedia files and folders from portable flash memory devices lost due to various common reasons like:
* Incidentally using Shift + Del keys
* Improper system shut down
* Emptied recycle bin folder
* Formatted or re-formatted usb drive
* Corrupted file systems
* Improper device handling
* Inappropriate functioning of software
* Virus/worm attack
* Logically damaged partitions
* Improper OS installation
* Hardware or software malfunctions etc.
* Software supports all different versions of Windows Operating System that include Windows XP Series, Vista, 7, Server 2003, NT etc.
* Software provides eye catching Graphical User Interface and does not require any technical or programming skills to operate it.
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About Author: is a leading provider of expert and professional Data Recovery Software that provides instant and easy retrieval of files from any loss situations. Company designs powerful, simple to use recovery tools at most cost-effective rate that are easily used by specialist as well as home users.

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